The Treatment Process

 The Smile Centre's teeth whitening technician will first ask you some questions and ask you to fill in a consultation sheet, to determine if you are suitable for the treatment. 

As you relax in the chair, a cheek retractor will be placed in your mouth and a protective gum dam will be applied to your gums along with lip protection balm to your lips. The teeth whitening gel will then be applied to your teeth, protective eye glasses will be placed on your eyes and the UV accelerator light over your mouth. The first 10 minute cycle will now begin. This process is repeated up to four times depending on each individual clients needs.

Once all the cycles have finished the the whitening gel will be removed and a re-mineralization gel will be applied to help restore your teeth's enamel and to aid with any sensitivity you may have experienced during the treatment.

The technician will now remove all the materials from your mouth and show you your brand new smile! (typically 10 shades whiter)

The technician may also discuss our aftercare and maintenance range with you to maintain your new look.


* Step 1 - Inital consultation to establish your health and medical history, to discuss your expectations, determine your current tooth shade and to answer any questions you may have. 

*Step 2 - As you relax in our comfortable treatment chair we will check your oral health and make sure you have no underlining oral conditions which may prevent you from having the treatment.

*Step 3 - We will gently place a cheek retractor in your mouth, apply lip protection balm, protective gauze and your gums will be protected with a gumdam barrier gel. A pre treatment photograph of your teeth may now be taken with your consent.

* Step 4 - We will gently rub the surface of your teeth with our special pre whitening swabs which will help to dissolve any surface stains, accelerate the whitening process and eliminate any sensitivity during and after the treatment.

* Step 5 - The teeth whitening gel will now be applied to the teeth and an accelerator lamp will be placed over your mouth and be activated for 10 minutes.

*Step 6 - The teeth whitening gel will now be gently suctioned off and we will apply a fresh application of gel and active the accelerator light for 10 minutes. This process will be repeated a further two times.

*Step 7 - The teeth whitening gel will now to suctioned off, reminerlisation gel applied for 5-10 minutes and then all the protective materials removed.

*Step 8 - You will now rinse your mouth with fresh water.

*Step 9 - You will now rinse your mouth with our special post treatment mouth rinse which will enhance the whitening effect.

*Step 10 - We determine your new sparking tooth shade and take a post treatment photograph with your consent and compare it with your pre treatment photograph. 

The Video Below Provides An Overview Of How We Carry Out The Treatment